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Compliance audits identify gaps in safety based on legal requirements. The EHS Division of Resolution® offers end-to-end compliance audits that are designed to assist in preparation for OSHA compliance audits and/or internal audits. Following an onsite compliance audit, our EHS experts offer a full review of the findings, complete with professional recommendations. Resolution® EHS is available to perform compliance audits annually, quarterly, or more frequently if necessary.   

The Resolution® EHS team is skilled and knowledgeable in multiple areas, including general manufacturing and construction. This allows us to support your needs across all OSHA requirements. At Resolution®, we are committed to providing the most professional and detailed work.  

Our team is also available to assist with direct services such as IH Sampling, Noise Surveying, Ergonomic Assessments, Similar Exposure Group ID (SEG ID) Review/Realignment, Chemical Inventory, and more. This allows us to close all gaps found on-site prior to an official OSHA audit.  

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