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Mold and Bioaerosols (IAQ)

Hazardous levels of mold contamination can easily exist in indoor environments without being detected. Mold requires three specific key items to grow: low light, a source of water, and compatible material to grow on. Symptoms such as muscle soreness, headache, rashes, and nausea are often the first indications of an indoor mold-related issue.  

Resolution® reviews the details of your situation and offers guidance and/or support for the remediation of mold and bioaerosols. 

We identify potential sources, issue action plans for abatement/remediation, conduct air and surface sampling, and deliver a final report to help you control mold growth and contamination.  

We specialize in biohazard control for industrial, residential, and commercial settings. And, we will make sure you have the support needed to eradicate these issues. 

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