Lockout Tagout (LOTO)
and Lock Tag Verify (LTV)

Resolution® has the knowledge and experience to analyze, design, and implement Lockout Tagout (LOTO) and Lock Tag Verify (LTV) procedures for compliance with OSHA’s Hazardous Energy Standards (29CFR 1910.147), and to determine if they are in compliance with OSHA regulations. This includes machine guarding, lockout tagout, energy isolation, and more.

Lock Tag Verify (LTV)

Lock, Tag, Verify, or LTV is a safety-focused procedure to ensure that the energy within a process is controlled in all events where employees are potentially exposed to the harmful effects of an uncontrolled energy release.

LTV procedures rely on a deep understanding of all forms of energy that can be present in a system. Resolution® EHS consultants provide expert direction in selecting and implementing LTV devices and procedures to control the following types of energy:

– Stored energy
– Chemical energy
– Thermal energy
– Mechanical energy
– Hydraulic energy
– Pneumatic energy  

Along with understanding the various types of energy, it is critical all sources of energy within a system are identified. By performing GAP assessments, Resolution® EHS consultants can ensure that your company’s new LTV procedures protect your employees from all sources of energy within each system. Additional services that will help your company exceed the requirements of 1910.147 include:

– Routine audits
– Management & Employee Training
– Policy creation & review
– L.T.V. Device Recommendation
– Written procedures 

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