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To manage exposure controls, Resolution® EHS can design a custom exposure control plan for your company. Our on-site specialists follow the 5 principles of Industrial Hygiene: anticipation, recognition, evaluation, control, and confirmation to complete this task.

1. Anticipation: By discussing the specific characteristics of your industry and company at a site level, we can begin to create a sampling plan. The following are examples of valuable information clients can provide:
   • Product Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
   • Types of processes completed on-site
   • Number of employees in question

2. Recognition: Getting boots-on-the-ground exposure to your facility allows our on-site specialists to evaluate the hazards associated with the workplace. Being able to examine any potential factors that could contribute to an employee exposure is crucial to complete the remaining IH principles. Common factors that lead to employee exposures include:
   • Poor existing controls (ex. Inadequate LEV systems)
   • Lack of employee training or knowledge
   • Exposure from adjacent operations

3. Evaluation: We provide on-site support for qualitative and quantitative exposure assessments. We are proficient in providing various means of workplace monitoring and are backed by an AHIA-LAP accredited lab. Some of the various monitoring methods we provide include but are not limited to:
   • Industrial Hygiene Chemical Exposure Assessments
   • Ventilation Assessments
   • Occupational Noise Exposure Assessments
   • Asbestos Assessments
   • PPE Assessments

4. Control: After receiving the results from the on-site assessments completed at your facility, our team will provide a technical compliance report detailing the results of the event. We also conduct a post-project review and action plan support to ensure you are ready to act upon the results. Our team will then assist with selecting the proper controls to minimize employee exposure based on the hierarchy of controls.

5. Confirmation: After completing the steps associated with the Control principle, it is crucial to maintain and continually reevaluate any IH programs in place. By creating reoccurring sampling events, our on-site specialists can evaluate the efficacy of the controls initiated. The final step allows us to offer continuous support and increase our knowledge of your facility to provide for any additional service requirements.

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