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Our Huntsville-based Environmental Health and Safety consultants offer expertise in a wide array of services to assist in every aspect of your health and safety needs:

  • EHS Training
  • Program Development
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • OSHA Compliance
  • and more.
EHS Training

EHS Training

Resolution offers OSHA-compliant health and safety training on a variety of topics for our local clients and those across the Country. Our goal is simple: assist our clients in delivering on-time and effective training that positively influences the work culture and results in fewer incidents on the plant floor.

It is imperative that your workforce understands what is expected of them from a health and safety standpoint. This allows production to be more efficient, employees to be more engaged, and for everyone to go home at the end of the day safe and healthy. This starts on day one, and Resolution will be there to assist in achieving this goal.

Our EHS training courses are customizable to fit your specific needs. If you are not sure what training is required for your facility, we can help. An on-site evaluation of your needs and a quick questionnaire will tailor the training material to fit your specific industry requirements. This training can take place on-site at your location or at our office in Huntsville, Alabama. A full course typically takes 4 hours to complete. We can offer proof of training via sign-in sheets for record keeping purposes and provide the option of a test at the end of the training for proof of knowledge retention.


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Occupational Health & Safety

The modern workplace presents many potential issues that can negatively affect employee health and safe; and which, if left unmanaged, can cause injury and illness. Our technical expertise in mitigating these issues makes us an asset to your company. Resolution’s experience in a variety of manufacturing settings allows us to assist topics such as:

OSHA-specific Standards and Compliance

We assist with program development centered on certain OSHA-specific standards, such as the new OSHA Crystalline Silica standard. Resolution also performs compliance audits tailored to the OSHA requirements for your facility, such as assessment of the application of OSHA’s hazard communication standard including labeling, training, and inventory markings.

Our team of experts helps with Investigation, evaluation, and root-cause identification for occupational injury and illness, implement and execute a process to track near misses, and develop a program that functions off of leading indicators to ensure compliance.

We use Bayesian statistical methods to categorize and analyze exposures in the workplace. This allows you to properly track and even predict future exposures based on previous data for compliance purposes.

We provide collection and analysis of supplied air for respiratory purposes in accordance with Grade D breathing air requirements described in ANSI/Compressed Gas Association Commodity Specification for Air, G-7.1-1989 as directed in OSHA’s Respiratory Protection Standard.

Controlling Exposures in the Workplace

Exposures in the Workplace include airborne stressors, noise, and various physical stressors such as heat stress, radiation, and ergonomics. Resolution provides OSHA-compliant air monitoring to quantitatively determine concentrations of airborne stressors and subsequently determine an action plan to keep your employees safe and healthy. Controlling these exposures helps prevent potential future injuries and illnesses, such as noise-induced hearing loss, in the workplace.

Local Exhaust Ventilation Studies and Qualification Testing

If you use ventilation systems to control employee exposures to harmful airborne contaminants, we assist in ensuring these are performing in accordance with manufacturer design and are properly designed to control the associated hazards based on ACGIH recommendations

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Assessments

Resolution provides on-site consultation that looks at every aspect of job risk and provides you with recommended PPE types for your environments and activities.

Job-Specific Safety Plans (JSSPs)

JSSPs allow your processes to be efficient and safe across a wide variety of activities. These can be performed for both routine jobs and special projects, no matter the complexity. Let Resolution help you understand where and how to implement JSSPs for your operations.

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Program Development

Resolution delivers functioning and sustainable EHS programs by combining our experience in this field with knowledge obtained from on-site visits. This results in EHS programs that are not only compliant with local, state, and federal regulations, but minimizes workplace injuries and improves production efficiency.  We can assist you not only in the development of these programs, but also in their implementation.  Some examples of our work include:

Hazardous Materials Management

Exposure Assessments


Fall Prevention & Protection

Machine Guarding

Fire Prevention & Protection

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SPPP)

Mobile Equipment

Hazard Communication

Spill Prevention, Control, & Countermeasure (SPCC)

Waste Management

Respiratory Protection

Hearing Conservation

Asbestos Control & Management

Radiation Control & Management

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